Infinite Bliss – Luxury Living – National Post
Nov 17 2016

Luxury is giving the homeowner something beyond their expectations,” says developer Sam Mizrahi, president of Mizrahi Developments, who has spent the past nine years building grand spaces for well-heeled clients. “It’s creating a ‘wow factor’ where we’re exceeding their expectations in terms of their environment and in terms of their home.”

In Mizrahi’s world, “wow” is a cocktail of extraordinary offerings. Think such five-star hotel services as 24/7 concierge, valet and security, matched with exceptional finishes and details that extend from the building’s exterior, lobby and amenities right into the living quarters. Or as he puts it, “from the hardware on the door to the soundproofing on the window, to the paint quality on the drywall, to the home automation system, to the way to the lobbies and the hallways and the elevators are kept, to the way the underground parking is finished. It’s really creating a ‘wow factor’ where every detail in the building is many notches above anything else.”

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