Keeping Residents Safe at Home
Apr 11 2020

“[At our buildings] people are really lending each other a hand. We’ve seen a lot of instances where the community has helped elderly people with groceries and with other little acts of kindness.”

“With at least 1.5 million people living in condos across the GTA, according to Statistics Canada, the group efforts of residents, boards, property managers and staff to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are almost as sizable as the challenges they face.”

“One of [property managers’] principal responsibilities at this time involves staff safety.. [taking] steps such as taping or installing Plexiglas around concierge areas to promote social distancing.. “We have had to start doing things we’ve never done before, and some of them are here to stay forever. Hand sanitizer dispensers in lobbies, and gloves for our concierges. Before this, these protocols had benefits, but there was no downside to not practising them.”

“People in the condo community are being really kind and trying to help each other. There really is strength in adversity.”

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