Opening Doors in Leaside – Toronto Star
Apr 28 2018

In the early 1900s, Toronto’s Leaside neighbourhood was designed to emulate the successful Rosedale community. And it has evolved into a popular, upscale residential area, but with a character distinctly its own. Huge swaths of greenspace and parks, a mix of independent shops and big-box stores, sports facilities, restaurants and cafes are among the midtown neighbourhood’s appeals.

People who live in Leaside tend to stay there, and there haven’t been a lot of options for people looking for a lifestyle change or younger families wanting to come back to the neighbourhood,” adds Crigger Joseph Feldman, director of development for Camrost Felcorp, says his company has had prior success with larger suites geared to end users, such as the Foxbar Collection at Blue Diamond and The Avenue — both in Forest Hill and both condo developments geared to buyers looking for larger units. Homeowners looking to downsize — yet still live in a spacious home and remain in the area — are among the buyers targeted for Upper East Village suites. The average price for a detached home in Leaside is $1.7 million to $1.8 million. Feldman says while many other developers have been reluctant to do larger suites, his company has successfully tapped into this niche.

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